1. Anonymous

    what are u man, a good bad journalist or a bad good journalist

  2. Incognito

    Villain is always bad.
    Hero, always good. Right.

    Now this Anti-hero is someone who wants to be good, does good to people who come to him, but does bad(illegal) actions to get a good end. Still is policekaaran’s enemy. Is that right? Like thalaivar in Thalapathy. More like Robinhood..

    But I would not call those two as anti-hero’s in Pattiyal. I mean, I could not sympathise with them, when they were murdered. It was just the next obvious thing to happen.
    In fact I cannot call them heroes too. They are just another character in the movie.

    I think we should stop asking “Who is the hero of that film?” ( Even I’ve asked this question several times.)
    And stick to “Who is acting”/”Which actor”
    Afterall the word “Hero” is superlative. We ourselves give them titles and rise them to a higher level.

    Wht do u think?

  3. OuTlaW

    i think people relate to the anti hero better these days, cause they get sick and tired of the eternal do gooders. Like u said, its their battle to cross over and their failure to do so, which appeals to people, more than anything else.

  4. Venky

    dude i totally agree with u ..
    an anti hero gives u more scope to perform

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