1. dame's diary


    I watched KANK this morning minus asprin!!

    Big mistake!

  2. Munimma

    This movie is against “bharatiya sankriti”. They should ban it πŸ˜‰ Where is the moral police?

  3. jvpoirot

    hi sudhish kamath
    am a regular reader of your reviews , enjoyed this review too. but i feel that this review is more of personal opinion about the concept than the actual movie.
    this is my personal opinion , that’s all πŸ™‚


  4. Ramanujam

    initially i thought not to read any spoilers b4 watching KANK but…could not resist!
    nice write up:)

  5. Anonymous

    hi sudhish kamath. just started reading your blog. good stuff you have here. keep it up. and about KANK… plain trashy. KJ tried so hard to justify SRK and RM that i hated them. they just can’t make india’s sweet hearts look bad can they? the far superior closer made the same mistake with julia( america’s sweetheart)roberts’ role.
    and whats up with everybody bumping into everybody? they should have bumped into the black beast while they were at it. cos then we would have less lousy characters to deal with.

  6. Anonymous

    i just spent my last 10 bucks on this movie. i have a bad taste in my mouth, don’t know if its the movie or my gastric juice.

  7. Anonymous

    nice review – very balanced…liked it much, much better than the one in rediff (which, to me sounded way too acerbic).
    ps – when is ‘tflw’ and ‘jillunnu oru kaadhal’ hitting the screens? want to see both before we leave…

  8. Vani Viswanathan

    Ok, so Johar boy has grown up to make more mature movies?! Hope I don’t have to cry myself to sleep tonight after watching the movie for wasting the 10 bucks I’ve paid booking the tickets..

  9. Anonymous

    Its a story about two losers who fall in love. It sucked! Karan Johar should stop making his characters cry so much.

  10. Sat

    you kind of made this movie sound good…from what I heard this movie is not worth this decent a review…same as all johar films; strictly ‘unwatchable’…so what he chose to remake Closer…he didn’t have the balls to stick to that one’s intensity!

  11. vijay

    Maybe Karan Johar as part of the cast(as SRK’s secret love interest) would’ve spiced it up! πŸ˜€

    PS: Saw City Of God..makes Pudupettai seems like a wannabe!!Namma oorula why dont they make flicks like this ?!!

  12. in2mind

    This one is a unrelated comment..but I just wanted to thank you for the writeup “The Son rises in the west” πŸ™‚

  13. Sat

    hey…guess what I saw this movie today…unbearable that it was…but most of all…I thought I could have sat through that movie with someone else instead of SRK…someone please shoot him…or at least shave off those ugly things called eyebrows on his face that he keeps twisting at wierd angles!…and football for forty plus…haha give me a break!

  14. ???

    Why was SRK’s and Rani’s “affair” a mere act of infedility?? I’d assumed KJ’d direct it better being the God of Luv for quite sometime now!! Disappointing…tho different!

  15. Arvind

    In other words, do you mean this movie, just like most other bollywood flicks helps you get out of that emotional let down.. Hilarious with absolutely no intention of being so?

    I would love to read a review of ‘The Killer’.. Yet another blatant rip-off of hollywood movies.. ‘Collateral’ to be specific..
    Actually, I’d just think everyone should watch the movie.. It would be a spoof all by itself.. Watching Imran Hashmi come out of the ‘party 24×7, ladies’ man’ image & into the shoes of a scared taxi driver (Jamie Foxx) should be a treat enough for the viewers!!

    Nice blog you have here..

  16. deliriouswithsomething

    I saw KANK yday. Its the first movie that has made me want to bash my head against a nail-studded wall as an alternative to watching it again.3 hours and 45 minutes felt like three years, and i wanted to throw rotten guavas at the screen. The characters (barring maybe abhishek bachchan) are all idiots, half the film is superfluous, and I am going to be sending letter bombs to all people involved in the making of this misery. Plus the clothes were all camp, as if all the characters were actually karan johar in bad disguises. Your review is considered and well-written, but its written for a better film than KANK can ever hope to be.

  17. The Bard

    Closer was crisp..KANK? After such a loong drive u come otu of theatrer and start searchign for ur grandkids..Do advice the readers tot ake patience along.

  18. h


    Ur 65 in the Indian blogosphere. πŸ™‚

  19. Karthik.H

    Just saw the movie this morning…it wasn’t bad…abhishek was awesome…and priety was gud too…

    while coming out my friend jus woudn’t stop talkin bout the movie…he was even asking for a KANK-2…he made the story line too…SRK and Rani married…Abhishek and Priety married (don’t ask me how) and thn SRK and Priety fall in love again and Rani and Abhishek fall in love too….

    orey the comedy…


  20. Anonymous

    The piece on KANK today in Metro was great!

  21. Vadakkan Balaji

    Sudhish , I have been wanting to ask you this

    How do you pronounce Shonali’s surname? Mudhalali ? as in Mudhalali, tozhilali types..

    Romba mandai kudaiyudu

  22. muse

    there was no magic between srk and rani! they were just hopeless losers! loved abishek in the move tho…

  23. Anonymous

    I saw this movie in usa. Thought it was housefull after about 3 hrs, ppl started walkin gout of the theatre. It was plain unbearable. Donno how they call it a hit in India. for the first time i hated Shahrukh.

  24. Sandhya Ramachandran

    Not watched the movie yet! But really liked the way you had written against immorality! In today’s world no relationship’s strong enough to shirk away from temptations! And movies like this may just be encouragement! Well, will watch the movie and give a better picture! πŸ™‚ brilliantly written, as usual! πŸ™‚

  25. Anonymous

    it was such a bad movie.. can’t believe its from the same guy who made kuch kuch hota hai… it would have been more convincing if abhishek and preity had cheated on their spouses.. i think both srk and rani’s characters were such selfish and irritating characters…. if i were preity i would have broken srk’s other leg too….

  26. Anonymous

    I am just surprised, what the moral police of tamilnadu doing? I mean seriously, they are talking about extra- marital affairs! Shiva, shiva!!

    And you know whats the worst part, SRK as a football player. for heaven’s sake, in NY?!!!

    PS – Is Karan Johar gay? I saw only one of his interviews, just curious:)

    The Conscience

  27. Raja

    one helluva chootiya film, pardon my joharrage. and so so unending.

  28. Anonymous

    U gotto watch We The People on NDTV on sunday at 8:00. I’ve seen it on friday. I think he said it all.

  29. Hawkeye

    very good review.

    but i wud rather watch unfaithful where she does it because she wants ‘it’. at least diane lane is hot

  30. silanthimanithan

    Candyfloss Emotions. This is KJo’s attempt to give an impression that he wants to make movies with no “Archie” College Settings or crappy “Indian culture” sentiments.

    Well, what still remains true is that this chickflick is as superfluous it gets and goes further in demonstrating that the house of “Karan Chopra Johar Barjatyas” are totally incapable of producing anything more intelligent than the “Kabhi Humaaare Tumaaare Koun Hain Dil Sanam Mohabbat Na Kehna” movies.

    Its time KJo confirms the obvious and gets married to SRK and “settles” down with Sindoor on his Ma Huang. As for Gauri, well lucky girl…how many “modern” women can have such a great chance to escape !!!

  31. Rhythm

    Liked your review.
    My friend who is a die-hard fan of Karan Johar & SRK movies didnt like KANK.
    Karan Johar did a mistake by challenging his fan base (which is still under the influence of Kabhi Khusi..)

  32. Ramya

    The movie was a typical Karan Johar. A 1 hr 30 mins movie stretched beyond any recognizable limits. Yuck. I never managed to understand why Rani’s character fell in love with Sh-sh-sharukh… Eh perhaps becasue he wasn’t her husband and you must have an affair with someone outside marriage to qualify for infidelity! Or perhaps simply because it was in the senseless script… Although the theme was worth debating the script ruined it all.

  33. Lindsay Lohan


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